Beach Tourism

Kenya has some beautiful beaches. Imagine brilliant blue water lapping against fine white sands, where you can stretch and chill out. Kenya Beaches are lined with protective coral reefs, creating ideal waters for swimming and water sports, and for the more adventurous there are diving and big game fishing. With Kenya beach destinations stretching from Mombasa in the south, through Malindi and Watumu and north to Lamu, the traders of Arabia, Portugal, China and India have woven a special magic through this unique coastline.

Cultural tourism

A trip to Kenya is about more than just wildlife or scenery- the real face of our country is found among the combined faces of Kenya’s many cultures. It is the people who bring the destination to life, each of our landscapes has a different cultural significance to a different community, and the wildlife has long been an essential part of our traditional cultures.

Sport tourism

Kenya is a great sporting Nation. All over Kenya, sport is a popular part of everyday social life.
Our athletes have become world renowned Olympic and Commonwealth champions, with Kenyan runners crossing the line in first, second and third place a common occurrence in recent years.  Kenya hosts many marathons throughout the year, in locations as diverse as the highlands and the beach- and in the wilderness. The annual Lewa Safari marathon, combines the best of community conservation, and sports tourism. The race is organized to support the major conservation and community projects in the Lewa/ Il Ngwesi area. This area, combining the Il Ngwesi tourism project and private ranch land, is a sanctuary for wildlife, breeding endangered rhinos but also providing safe haven and habitat for species threatened by growing human populations in surrounding areas. The ranch became a conservancy protecting 6% of the country's population of endangered Black Rhino, and 20% of the world's population of rare Grevy's Zebra. The marathon is the latest example of community partnership in action- a single event that benefits the local people, the local animals, and tourists. But while this great success remains a source of great national pride, sport in Kenya is by no means limited to just athletics.
Our heritage was built on a spirit of fierce competitiveness and strength through unity, and many of our traditional festivals still involve sporting competition. Kenya has embraced all manner of international sports. Visitors to Kenya wanting to catch some local sport will be spoilt for choice. Excellent football, rugby, cricket, polo, horseracing and athletic events are held throughout the year. In addition, several Major international sporting events bring the world to Kenya each year.

Kenya's Wildlife
For many, the name “Kenya” has always been synonymous with wildlife. We are the home of Africa’s famous “Big Five” (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo) and it is true that this is the best place in the entire continent to see these Five magnificent species in their natural environment. But Kenya has even more to offer. We have an incredible range of wild habitats, each one with its own unique range of species. Open savannah, deep forest, soda and freshwater lakes, alpine meadows, coral reefs, caves, beaches, river deltas and even more. A safari in Kenya means more than just seeing animals. This is a chance for you to immerse yourself in a wild world where the fascinating natural behavior and interaction between species will keep you enthralled. 



Kenya’s wildlife is as diverse and varied as your safari options and the role of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is equally diverse. This organization is charged with the protection and conservation of the country's biodiversity, both inside and outside our 48 National Parks and Reserves including Marine Parks.

This means the conservation and management of Kenya's wildlife scientifically, responsively and professionally. We do this with integrity, recognizing and encouraging staff creativity, and continuous learning and teamwork in partnership with communities and stakeholders.

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