The institute of trade works closely with the following organizations:



The Fadel Water Institute (FWI) is a professional organization that trains on water and waste water management. 



In carrying out our trade promotion activities we associate with various governments and international bodies. One such organization we work with especially in the area of developing trade and in particular public and private sector procurement is International Trade Centre (ITC) – Geneva. In the last decades ITD has introduced long term courses in supply chain management based on materials developed by the ITC and Public Procurement Training System (PPTS) based on very comprehensive materials developed by ITC.

Export Development Services

Export Development Services (EDS) is a trade promotion organization incorporated in Kenya. EDS is a sister company to Institute of Trade Development (ITD) and Namanco Exim Ltd. The main goal of EDS and ITD since establishment in 1993 and 1995 respectively has been to promote trade in Kenya and within Eastern and Southern Africa sub-region.




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