world`s deadliest roads

Road Safety Seminar

The Institute of trade development (ITD) is organising a seminar on road safety from 10th to 14th, November 2014. Every day, drivers and passengers die in road collisions and three to five times the number gets maimed for life. Many die as a consequence of inexperience, speeding, intoxication through drink or drugs or just plain recklessness.

Infographic interactive has revealed a list of the world`s deadliest roads. Road accidents have been claiming over a million people yearly and many more are maimed. Nairobi-Nakuru highway from Kenya and Settlers Freeway in South Africa are the only Africa representatives on the list. The many road accidents on these roads can be reduced when the relevant authorities tighten the screw. This will include raising awareness on the road users and coming up with strict laws. This is one of the reasons the ITD hold these events. One of the common causes of accidents on these two roads is roaming animals. This issue needs to be addressed adequately by the individuals and organizations involved.

The World Health Organization released the Global status report on road safety for the year 2013 recently. The report presents data from 182 countries which represent 99 percent of the world population. Out of the 182 countries, only 28 had comprehensive road safety laws that adequately address five key risk factors. The five key risk factors are:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Speeding
  • Failing to use motorcycle helmets
  • Seat-belts
  • Child restraints

Using the data from WHO study, Infographic interactive revealed the world`s deadliest roads. They have set up an interactive map and each of these roads has been rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most dangerous.

Nairobi-Nakuru highway was rated 7 out of 10. The highway is notorious for drink-driving combined, poor overtaking and pedestrians in the road which resulted in 320 deaths on the Highway in one year alone. Roaming animals along the highway have also been attributed as one of the reason that causes the accident. The poor condition of the road was also not left out.

The other road in Africa that featured on this list is Settlers Freeway. The N2 road in South Africa runs between East London and Mthatha in Eastern Cape. The main causes were inconsiderate drivers, broken down vehicles and roaming animals.

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