Mauritius has been ranked in the first position for promotion of trade in Africa, the latest report published on April 4 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shown.

With a score of 4.7 points out of 7, Mauritius was ranked at position 29 out of 138 countries surveyed globally, the report titled "Global Enabling Trade Report 2014" said.

In Africa, Mauritius is followed by South Africa (59th globally) and Rwanda (66th globally).

In terms of specific areas such as access to markets, Mauritius was ranked at position three globally behind Chile and Singapore.

In Mauritius, access to the domestic market is entirely free with very low tariffs and according to the report, Mauritius had the most preferred taxation regime among the targeted markets.

The island nation was ranked at position 5 globally with a score of 4.5 points in terms of access to international market.

WEF noted that Mauritius should do more efforts in other sectors such as "efficacy and transparency for customs administrators as well as in the infrastructure sector where it was ranked at position 54 behind South Africa.

"Despite having a relatively open economy, some sectors still remain protected by tariff barriers and specific laws that inhibit activities of exporters," the report indicated.

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