East African Community (EAC) states are steadily laying the foundations for increased prosperity by dismantling bureaucratic and procedural barriers to economic integration, TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) has said. It said in its second annual report covering the period 2012/2013 that much had been achieved towards unravelling bureaucratic and procedural snags to quicker, smoother and cheaper trade between the countries of East Africa. TradeMark East Africa is a donor-funded organisation set up to help EAC states, institutions and the private sector to unlock the wealth potential that integration holds. TMEA Chief Executive Officer Frank Matsaert said while there are still many challenges ahead, the organisation has made significant progress towards its ultimate goal of flourishing trade that enriches all East Africans. He said significant achievement has been the development of the Mombasa Port Charter, which commits stakeholders to work together and share information digitally. “This is a huge improvement on the previous situation,” he added.




Courtesy of Standard Media


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