At Doha, Ministers agreed to initiate negotiations to further liberalize trade on non-agricultural goods. To this end, the Negotiating Group on Market Access (NGMA) was created at the first meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee, in early 2002.

The negotiations aim to reduce or eliminate tariffs, including tariff peaks, high tariffs, tariff escalation and non-tariff barriers for non-agricultural goods, in particular on products of export interest to developing countries. The product coverage shall be comprehensive and without a priori exclusions. Special and Differential treatment for developing and least developed Members shall be fully taken into account, including through less than full reciprocity in the reduction commitments and measures to assist LDCs to participate effectively in the negotiations.

A simple guide — NAMA Negotiations

What are NAMA products?

NAMA refers to all products not covered by the Agreement on Agriculture. In other words, in practice, it includes manufacturing products, fuels and mining products, fish and fish products, and forestry products. They are sometimes referred to as industrial products or manufactured goods.

Why is NAMA so important?

Over the past years, NAMA products have accounted for almost 90% of the world merchandise exports.

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